PARTNER’S MEET: Prayukti met LPAI authority for the demand assessment survey. From left(Mr.Kamlesh Saini, LPAI Manager, Petrapole, Mr.Swarnabha Banerjee, Director of Prayukti, Mrs Sraboni Sen( Social Expert), and the staff members of Prayukti.


PRAYUKTI GOT ENGAGE AT DEMAND ASSESSMENT PASSENGER SURVEY  to understand and incorporate needbased  functional requirements for the upcoming new terminas at Petrapole.


Import and export of goods between India and Bangladesh happen through a number of routes – road, rail, air, sea and inland waterways. Approximately 40% of these goods are transported by road. More than 70% of exports from Bangladesh move to India by road or rail. Around 35% of India’s exports to Bangladesh take the road route. While India uses various other routes for its export to Bangladesh because it has a larger volume, Bangladesh relies mainly on land transport.


Nearly 30 percent of land-based trade between India and Bangladesh takes place through Land Port Petrapole. Since its operationalization in February 2016, the Land Port has been witnessing an increasing number of passenger movements with an average of 22 lakh people crossing the border post on either side each year. However, inefficiencies associated with outdated infrastructure and suboptimal trade facilitation practices on land currently hamper bilateral trade by road and rail. The efficient movement of people and goods between the two countries is essential for reducing the costs of trade, fostering economic synergies to support growth, and driving inclusive socioeconomic development across the SASEC sub-region as a whole.


Preliminary discussions with stakeholders mainly BSF, Customs, Immigration, LPAI’s(Land Port Authority of India, Petrapole) government personnel and passengers.